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This master class invites Oboe students and pupils to Wolfenbüttel, who want to become a professional oboe player. It offers the possibility to work with renowned professors in a relaxed environment. We also offer mental coaching and reed courses.

Unfortunately, the Norddeutsche Oboentage 2022 have been cancelled. All  information for 2023 will be available soon!

For the eight time in a row we will organize the Norddeutsche Horntage. We have invited 7 renowned professors, one pianist and a mental coach to work with you.
The Norddeutsche Trompetentage will take place from 15 till 20 november 2015.

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German Masterclasses organise masterclasses which offer conservatory students and pupils the possibility to work together with renowned professors and teachers in a relaxed environment, in which they can further develop their skills, and receive advice and motivation for their continued studies, as well as interact with other course participants.

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